About Me

I am an experienced sexologist, working with psychosexual & relationship therapy, couples therapy, and the treatment of compulsive sexual behaviours. I am trauma informed. I hold a full professional insurance. If you find yourself struggling with: sexless marriage, unfulfilling sex, discovery of infidelity, porn problems, chemsex issues, opening your relationship, kink acceptance, then I am your person. I offer a sexpositive and judgment free space for all Genders, Sexuality and Relationship Diversities. Presently offering Low Cost sessions for CSB.

I support you when what you try seems not to work. I facilitate you discovering who you are as sexual beings. I work with the darker side of sexualtiy and compulsive sexual behaviours. I help you break down the wall that stops your from communicating in a way that you can be understood so you feel seen and heard. I help you heal then create the next chapter.

I am here for you if you come alone or together. I work with those who love their partners and are willing to invest the time and effort it takes to work on their relationship. I know how hard it can be to say I/we need help, it's a big step. I work with you to reset and reinvent your relationship with your partner and yourself.


Low Cost Therapy Sessions

Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

If you are struggling with Porn addiction, Chemsex issues, Kink challenges I am here to help

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