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Hi I am Vivien

I have been gainfully employed  my whole life, that’s 40 years so far.  I’ve been in sales, operations and a director of several companies. I am also a horsewoman.  In 2018 I stepped out of our office and daily running of our advisory business and began what I thought was retirement. Turns out I’m not done yet.  

Throughout my working career I have been a self developer. Always wanted to be a better communicator, be taken seriously, to be heard… In 2004 I was asked “Why do you get in your own way?”  Right there in 2004 I began a journey to find out. By 2005 I was an Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Master Practitioner by 2010. I continued to expand my knowledge adding studies in Relational Organisational Gestalt, Non Violent Communication, Spiral Dynamics, Negotiation and Conflict resolution, Love Languages, Matters of Consent, Attachment Styles and how to handle undiscovered  Trauma.  The 5 Love languages lead me to wonder about communication at the intimacy level and I was wanting more information.  I have coached many people over the years it has given me tremendous pleasure to offer a safe place to talk about literally anything and everything. 

The one subject that comes up over and over is sex, its impact on a relationship, from how great it can be, to where is it?  In this area I was stuck, I lacked a way of really knowing how to help both others and myself. Internet searches can run you down rabbit holes and left me wondering if I was broken.  At the beginning of 2018 I found International Sex Educator Jaiya Ma.  She has given 20 years of her life so far, to discovering how we tick and how to have the sex life we want, what ever that maybe.  I took her Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course (twice) and Ignite Your Passion. I love the expansion in to who I am in this space.  I am so inspired by her work I have joined her in her mission to create a more sex positive world. I was truly honoured to be accepted in to her coaching team.  2019 saw me certified.  This is not a show up for a weekend and get a certificate this is 18 months of heavy duty learning, with live coaching in the USA and on going development to maintain my license.  I’m committing to a new career and I am so excited. My Misson is to help those that love sex and are truly interested in developing a happy and fulfilling, consensual sex life. 

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