Path 2 Passion UK 2020
UK October 2020
Location is TBD

What Is – Path to Passion and Do you want this event in the UK?

A 3-Day Exclusive Event for Couples and Singles Committed to Experiencing a Fun, Frequent and Fulfilling Sex Life

Discover breakthrough techniques and practices for cultivating connection and arousal, confidence and safety, opening new worlds of pleasure and sexual satisfaction in your romantic life.

What will you get from this 3-Day Workshop?

• Understand the turn on's and turn offs of each Erotic Blueprint Type, helping you to increase personal pleasure and assure sexual satisfaction for you and any lover

• Know how to transform a mediocre, stale relationship into a romance filled with adventure, fun and excitement

• A pathway to boosting libido and arousal, which means more sexual frequency and fulfilment

• Tools to help you feel more alive and satisfied instead of stuck in your head, unable to feel what is really happening in your body

• Skills and confidence that you can please any lover, no matter their Blueprint Type

• An exciting and effective plan for a life filled with pleasure!

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