Are you ready to solve these problems?

  • Sexual Frustration and Dissatisfaction: That your emotional and sexual needs will never be met.

  • Infrequent Sexual Connection: Are you caught in scarcity, never knowing when you’ll have sex again?

  • Performance Anxiety: Pleasure killing mind chatter that robs you of your arousal and kills your enjoyment of sexual intimacy.

  • Communication Breakdowns: building resentments and a sense of hopelessness that you’ll end up in a divorce or as sexless roommates

  • Fear of Failure: Fear that you won’t get your needs met, fear you don’t have the skills to provide pleasure, fear you won’t get an erection, fear you’ll climax too soon or not at all.

  • Sexual Incompatibility. It’s a Myth!: You’re not incompatible with a lover, you’ve never learned how to speak each other’s language of arousal and orgasm.


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