Two Dried Leaves

Vivien Burke is an upstanding coach and all around passionate human being.  I have known Vivien since March of 2018 and am pleased to have had the honour to have her as one of our Erotic Blueprint™ Certified Coaches.  Her strong character, her wisdom and willingness to learn and her passion to help others has been inspiring to watch this past year.  It has been a pleasure to know Vivien and to see here vision for this work in in the UK.  She is aspiring to great things and I suspect that we will see her become a leader in this field soon.  - March 2019

Jaiya, creator of the Erotic Blueprints™ and Coach Certification Program.

Viv brings passion empathy, fierceness and intelligence to her coaching. Her knowledge is vast and her impact is profound. She has pointed out and celebrated my wins, helped and counseled me in my challenges. I have expanded in my sensuality and owning my desire and am now living a fuller more pleasure filled existence.

Heidi CA

Viv, you have walked this road yourself.  You are so thorough, so prepared and with entertaining, wit keep a heavy subject light.  Thank you for the safe container you have provided for my husband and me to find our way back to each other.  Who knew sex could be such fun, 36 years into a relationship!

With deep appreciation,

Sue-Ann and Scott - Canada

On her experience with Erotic Freedom  Club and the Erotic Blueprint™ Breakthrough Course:
Now My Body is Fed Everyday With Every Kind of Pleasure!
“I was starving. I felt like I was forever going to be outside of the banquet room, gazing at all the gorgeous food, all alone and invisible with my face pressed up against the glass. Now my body is fed everyday with every kind of pleasure, and I’m plugged into my tribe, happy dancing with the sexiest, coolest people on the planet.”

Anne More - USA

Thank you for our beautiful session today. You took the time early morning to support me... Taking it in... Forever grateful. You are a fabulous coach!

Anon - Paris

Viv's intelligent and sensitive approach to this complex subject will make you feel safe and taken care of on your personal journey with her.

Sam - UK