Relationship counselling is not a drop off centre!!

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Really great to read, but why? If you read this take a highlighter pen and highlight every sentence where the feeling clearly belongs to her. Its most of them, even though they are directed at her partner. Why is it so easy to point the finger when things go wrong? It is my experience that partners appear to be pushed in to coaching/counselling/therapy to be "Fixed", there is a you and me going on not a "We". There are many conversations that have been started and never really finished between this couple and her partner. I felt the pain in the first paragraphs, I may seem cruel but I love that they got to break down together and actually see each other. That is where the work can really begin. I also wish that they had sort help earlier... There is a clue if your not happy... Reach out.

. Waiting until things are really bad does not serve you. When things are "off" get help sooner and get back on track don't wait until your standing on the edge of a cliff!

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