What do I do?

Discrete Personalised Attention for Your Needs

As your Coach we work together, I will guide you to help you communicate your needs, wants and desires. We pave the way to new levels of intimacy, connection and UNDERSTANDING of each other's desires. We will discover how you can have more fulfilling sexual experiences and become more intimate, we will identify what you BOTH want and need and sometimes what you really don’t!  It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, we get to redesign from exactly where you are NOW and create the relationship you both desire in the way that you both want it.

Being in a relationship with someone you love where SEX is either unfulfilling or there is no sex at all SUCKS. Sometimes it seems that you have it all, beautiful home, successful careers and businesses. Exotic holidays, the kids are happy and family life is great, you have amazing friends and social lives. Everything on the outside looks rosy, BUT life in the bedroom is void of PASSION and PLEASURE. What happened to this part of your relationship? What happened to connection? Where did intimacy go? What happened to a conversation that is not all about logistics?  Do you feel like you have tried everything? Have you accepted this life as NORMAL? Are you just muddling through?  It’s what your friends say is happening for them too, so do you just try and accept it? Are you frustrated by the lack of sex or the lack of fulfilling sex, and as a result may feel unwanted and resentful? If you WANT to change that...

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